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About Us

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We introduce ourselves as one of the locally owned and operated custodial services company in the hospitality industry. We offer cost effective and quality oriented services includes Housekeeping Services, Security Services, Electrical Maintenance Services and Plumbing Maintenance Services, Office staff, Hospitality Staff, Hospital Staff etc. started our operations in the year of 2003 and ever since have set standards by the dedicated efforts of our personnel, quality of service, commitment to training & degree of professionalism.

We always work closely with our clients to create a “world Class” Environment at their facilities. Our solutions are designed to enhance, support and augment our client’s goals, thereby giving the right impetus to their business. Using a client’s mission as the Cornerstone, we develop each plan to protect and enhance physical assets at the most economical cost. By utilizing people, protocols, technology and experience. We provide a service experience to delight our customers.

We strive to offer bond with our clients in a positive and lasting manner. To achieve the same, create an unlimited partnership through mutual goal setting, communication and accountability. We are prepared to embark on partnership with our clients and bring about an attitudinal change amongst all the participants towards hygiene and cleanliness, thus, creating a right cultural ambiance.


  • Every client is essential to the well being of our organization.
  • Every client is the real profit. Everything else is an overhead.
  • Client satisfaction is our success
  • Extensive & Reliable Recruitment Database

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    From a vast database of potential candidates. We recruit suitable candidates who fulfill all parameters of our service and practice standards. Our access to a wide database of ex-service personnel empowers-us with the capability to recruit and assemble efficient forces in any number as required by our clients. Intensive background checks & verification from government law enforcement agencies ensure that the personnel we hire for our clients are reliable & trustworthy.

    Our Key Drivers

  • Substantial diversified experience in service industry.
  • Proven expertise in executive housekeeping services.
  • Professional management with hands-on style.
  • Trained and experiences service personnel.
  • Well established and tested operations/client support systems and procedures.
  • Quality materials and equipment for executive housekeeping services.
  • Comprehensive databank of candidates across various functions.
  • Centrally located infrastructure, facilities and support staff for proper management control.
  • Compliance within applicable statutory rules and regulations stipulated by central and state governments, viz. EPF, ESI, Minimum Wages, etc.